Reactive "M" Brand
These are fiber reactive dyes which are characterized by simplicity of dyeing and great diversity of produced colors.
Reactive "H" Brand
Hot dyes are specially recommended for printing of cellulose goods. Also known as "P" Dyes.
Reactive "HE" Brand
These dyes are widely used for exhaust dyeing of knitted fabrics at high temperature at around 80 - 85 deg C.
Reactive "ME" Brand
"Medium Exhaus" dyes are widely used for exhaust and continuous dyeing of cellulose fibers.These dyes are suitable dyeing at medium temperatures and offers high fastness property.These dyes offer high degree of exhaustion and fixation with possibility of higher liquor ratio also high reliability and reproducibility due to optimum dyeing temperature and good leveling property.
Reactive "VS" Dyes
Reactive dyes Vinyl Sulphone Types
Ramazol dyes are widely used for exhaust dyeing, cold pad batch process. It has good light and washing fastness property. It is also using for discharge and resist printing.
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